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Q -What's the difference between Subscribe and Add to Chart?
A - Subscribe: You will be charged every 31 days automatically.
     Add to Cart: You will only be charged once.
Q - When checking out why is there a discount under the CoinBase payment option?
A - If you checkout with coinbase that makes us a bit happier :) however if you pay 


Refund Policy:
All purchases are final and refunds are not available.
Please read our terms of service before choosing your payment gateway.


What payment methods do we accept here?

 We accept quite a few different methods of payment. When you check out you'll have the ability to select one of three possible checkout options.



A very populair payment method used to pay for things online. This allows you to pay with creditcards or your bank account. This is probably the payment method you will be using right now. 90% of our payments go through this payment gateway


 We are soon adding Skrill to our list, although it's not ready yet




Coinbase allows you to pay with Bitcoins, a crypto currency used a lot on the internet, and has a high value. (current value is approx 400$ - 500$ per coin)